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    Yet Again, Big Government Interferes With Growth And Jobs

    Yet Again, Big Government Interferes With Growth And Jobs Townhall Heather Greenaway 5/25/2016 Millions of salaried workers are now in danger of losing their professional status and potential for upward mobility, with last week’s Department of Labor release of the … Continue reading

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    WFI Reacts To Department Of Labor’s Excessive Overtime Rule

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  CONTACT: Ryan Williams May 18, 2016               … Continue reading

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    New Video Highlights Union Hypocrisy on Minimum Wage

    A new video produced by the Workforce Fairness Institute highlights the hypocrisy by big labor bosses when it comes to raising the minimum wage. It’s almost hard to believe that big labor would want to exempt themselves from the very … Continue reading

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    The NLRB: Government agency gone rogue

    The Hill By Peter Schaumber The Obama National Labor Relations Board continues its unrelenting effort to expand union power over the workplace. Already, the board has stripped workers of their right to challenge by a secret ballot election their employer’s … Continue reading

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